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Some great hunting stories in the Mardale Hunt Book ---

There had been a shepherd’s meeting at the top of High Street, and such meetings were invariably accompanied by sports and hunts. During the particular hunt in question a man named Dixon fell from Blea Water Crag, about 300 feet high, and miraculously broke no bones, although terribly bruised, for he struck several times against the rock and so checked his fall. When he came to the ground he scrambled on to his knees, cried out “Lads, t’fox is gane out at hee end; lig t’ dogs on and I’ll come syn” and then fell down insensible.


50 copies of the 2nd Edition are now available

£17.00 inc post and packing

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Ron Black [author]:




the Case for Hunting here


the Case for Repeal here


An Introduction to Fox Hunting

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The draw for the 3 canvas pictures so far is as follows:


1  Diane Todhunter Robinson - Barry above Derwentwater


2  Larry Slattery - Barry and hounds at Watendlath


3  Chris Lamb - Barry above Bassenthwaite






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The countryside alliance have launched a new bespoke metal badge which signifies that ten years on from the enforcement of the Hunting Act, hunts have not folded and have adapted to find new ways to hunt within the confines of the current legislation. This badge is a celebration of hunting and signifies the strength of this great tradition that will hopefully continue to thrive for many more years to come. The proceeds raised from the sale of this badge go directly to the Hunting Campaign which will continue to fight for repeal of this unworkable law at all levels. Please do buy a badge to show your support for the Countryside Alliance and hunting.  £5.00      






Ten years ago (18 November) the Hunting Act 2004 was forced through Parliament and three months later, on 18 February 2005 it became law. Those opposed to hunting thought that would be the end, that the hunting community would give in and tail off to take up other, less contentious pastimes. But they had seriously underestimated those who live and work in the countryside.
     A decade on, practically every hunt that was operating when the Act was passed is still going strong and they are all still determined to overthrow this illogical, badly drafted and unfair law.
    Tim Bonner, director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, said: “The determination of hunts, and the continued support of the wider rural community, has ensured that hunting is still thriving 10 years after the Hunting Act was passed, but the law has proved just as unworkable, pointless and wasteful as we predicted.
    “A law which was passed because of MPs’ obsession with fox hunting has been used almost exclusively to prosecute poachers. A law which was supposed to be about animal welfare has not reduced suffering or stopped foxes being killed. A law which was supposed to be ‘straightforward and enforceable’ has continued to create confusion in the courts and waste hundreds of hours of police time.
    “This is a remarkable law in that it seems that absolutely no-one concerned is happy with it. The Prime Minister when it was passed admits it was one of his biggest mistakes; the courts have called it ‘confusing’, and ‘far from simple to interpret or apply’; the police dread having to investigate politically motivated allegations; hunts have to operate under ridiculous restrictions which mean they are at risk of prosecution every time they open the kennel gates; and now even the anti-hunting organisations who wrote the legislation are calling for wholesale changes.
    “There is only one sensible solution to this mess and that is to get rid of the Hunting Act. This issue will never be resolved until we have legislation based on evidence and principle, rather than prejudice and political point scoring.”

                                                                                                                                                      Countryside Alliance







Here is the new Hunt Badge to commemorate Barry's 40 years with the Blencathra


ONLY £5 from the Hunt Supporters Team


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The new Hunt Badge will be available at:

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A 'new' release of an 'old' classic


   The DVD version of the original video

    Todhunter & The FoX


     Copies available at £20


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"hunting is fundamental to the lives and cultural heritage of Cumbrian people"




The Lake District has been hit hardest by the Hunting Act of 2004, says Johnny Scott, tracing the history of the region’s fell packs – once the first line of defence against predation for farmers




Click here to read the article by Johnny Scott in the latest edition of the Field Magazine




Charlie Pye-Smith is the author of "Rural Rites: hunting and the politics of prejudice". The book provides detailed analysis of the history of the 2004 Hunting Act, the issues underlying it and the situation created by its enactment. "This book has an application which goes so much further than hunting and animal welfare. It shows us the ease with which bad law can be made, how simple it is to spin the facts, and how readily the rights of minorities can be obliterated". Published by the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. Charlie is the author of over a dozen books, click on the book cover to......

visit his website and download /read the book as a pdf.

An Introduction to Fox Hunting is a 16-page document, designed to introduce the younger generation to hunting with hounds. Specifically focused at targeting the secondary school age range, the booklet covers a wide variety of topics including some facts about the fox as a species, a guide to a day’s hunting, some important hunting terms and a word search.




The booklet has an informative but fun tone and, with plenty of illustrations, has been designed to stimulate the younger mind.









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Master: Sir Percy Hope; Huntsman: Johnny Richardson; Whip: Anthony Chapman